KGFPL normally delivers both construction supervision and self-perform services at many sites yearly. In accumulation to construction services, KGF has installed a comprehensive Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) program on every project it runs. KGF’s safety program is uniformly as vital a duty as any other administration concern, including cost, development, quality check and efficiency. Safety is a principal value at KGF.

KGF believes that all building jobs can be carefully executed and that all accidents are avoidable. Our project method and standard actions fully amalgamate safety into every feature of the project and maintain it as the prime issue for the whole project team. Victorious implementation of multifaceted jobs can be achieved only with healthy and safe personnel of workers, subcontractors and client staff.

KGF's HSE policy includes the following requirements :

📌 Actions are executed to stop influence to the atmosphere or, when avoidance is impossible, minimized to a satisfactory level.
📌 Every assignment has a designated health and safety delegate accountable for all aspects of the aforesaid program.
📌 Recruits are accountable for HSE in the tasks designated to them. KGF aims at the objective of no damage to protect workers, guests and nearest communities.
📌 KGF controls examine, checks, appraises all HSE accomplishment, using metrics and incentives agreed by the consumer.
📌 KGF develops and installs a complete, scheme-specific HSE program, inconsistency with lawful necessities, KGF's safety principles and client measures.
📌 The HSE curriculum is used throughout the life of the plan and drives constant performance upgrading. KGF's health and safety systems and measures confirm a reliable approach to the program.
📌 KGF sets criterion to diminish or strictly limit worker experience to risky work methods, damaging materials, high - sound levels and heat or cold contact. The working circumstances encourage the health and safety of all workers, customers and third parties.
📌 KGF influences an HSE culture among all workers engaged on the project, together with multilingual training where suitable.
📌 KGF gives personal and managerial rewards in the form of incentives and acknowledgement for outstanding safety performance.
📌 KGF's subcontractors put into action an agreed scheme-specific HSE plan, as directed by their contracts.
📌 HSE risks are recognized, calculated, understood and addressed before implementation of manufacturing, purchasing and erection activities.

Our protection culture begins in the engineering model and continues during the life cycle of the job. KGF continues to strengthen its position as one of the world's most secure contractors through exceptional self-perform and subcontractor presentation.

Adding to the most vital result – defending lives – our safety record benefits our customers by :
📌 Improving worker efficiency and self-esteem
📌 Limiting pointless liability claims
📌 Limiting routine disruptions due to accidents
📌 Providing a tough community image of KGF’s jobs
📌 Dropping KGF’s cost of indemnity thus making the company more cost-efficient
📌 Dropping the deficit of dollars due to mishappenings involving machines.