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Thermal Power Plants

Project and its scope :

Our consumers include electrical power companies, wholesale power producers, independent power producers, designated scale power producers, private corporate, and other thermal electrical power plants, government bodies and so on.
Our arena of work includes construction: mainly Fabrication, Erection & Commissioning. Preventive measures which include modification, update construction and maintenance are also a part of it.
Talking about construction technology, it starts in the planning stage, where the company installs the parts intending to keep the construction period limited without forgetting safety and work quality and efficiency. The company has also equipment for transportation of materials and other huge components to the locations where they are installed.
Further, talking about the preventive measures huge equipment are replaced on a period-wise basis after each for safety, quality of work and to maintain efficient performance. For this purpose, specialized technology is used.

Delivery records for thermal power stations :

• Usual thermal power stations that use oil, coal, gas, or other fuels
• Pooled cycle heat power stations
• Gas turbine generator power stations
• Diesel heat power stations
• Gas engine and other special heat power stations

Power Plant- WFGD

The company offers to install gas desulfurization systems in heat power plants which exhibit at the aim of reducing harmful gases produced and discharged into the environment as a consequence of the combustion of coal. Flue desulphurization plant is based on the usage of wet scrubbing technology with limestone which is used as a scrubbing agent and gypsum which is produced as a by-product of that the desulfurization process.

Refining and Petrochemical Plants

Our company has experience regulating the technical construction needs of the petrochemical industry. Several chemical plants produce more than one product; each one of it has precise service requirements. The team of engineers at KGF has worked with clients that development process and locomote and store extremely harmful substances without forgetting the safety and efficiency of construction service team which provides the strength, functioning and expansion elasticity to the chemical clients. We also personalize construction for clients’ chemical building by giving each project personal care keeping in mind the quality and exactness of construction without delaying on the project.

Solar Power Plant

Construction :

We put forward the ideal solar power generation system based on field survey from study stage to identifying a location, power generation, measurements and revenue planning.
We aim to contribute to the local section with the ‘Environment-friendly’ demonstrated skills and technology.

Planning :

At the study stage, based on field survey we provide a full plan to make sure passable amount of solar radiation, installation space for solar panels, access to an electric power system, and estimation of ground strength and maintenance of the system.

Fertilizer Plant, Heavy Chemical Plants


The impact study that is essential to environmental authorization must comply with Algerian regulations, with SONATRACH guidelines and with international rules/regulations and policies, in particular with the equator postulates, which impose environmental conditions on funding by international banking institutions.

The impact study must include :
• An analysis of the effect of the project.
• An account of prevention measures to be taken.


• Preparation of baseline survey :
- Assembling of existing data and mapping/planning
- Measurements of air quality and noise level
- Inspection of the main actors concerned

Automobile Industry

In automotive manufacturing, accuracy is everything.
We know how much important every production minute can be. That’s why we begin by implanting ourselves with your team to gain a precise understanding of your unique requirements.

Cement And Metallurgical Plants

Cement plant construction :

We are involved in cement plant construction including :
Features :
1. Flexibility
2. Timely executed work
3. Perfect utilization of available space